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Monday, October 13, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

To start out I want to say I am somewhat of a newbie but have became so addicted so fast.  I have been dying to post something in the $5 challenge but it took me a little bit to really get my blog up and going.  I am still learning but I felt like I wanted to graduate today because I actually have pictures to go with my post!


Transaction 1:

1 Prescription transferred from Kroger

$4 generic medicine

used Target coupon to earn $10 Gift Card (which CVS honored)

Paid $4 OOP and earned $10 gift card = $6 profit


Transaction 2:

1 Prescription transferred from Kroger

$4 generic medicine

used K-Mart coupon to earn $10 Gift Card (which CVS honored)

Paid $4 OOP and earned $10 gift card = $6 profit


* I know these are doofy transactions that aren't really applicable to alot of people but it falls within the $5 challenge and I couldn't resist letting you know what I did with my two gift cards below...


OK, this wasn't a very good week at CVS except for my new camera. :)  I've been dying to get one since I started blogging and couldn't take pictures of my stuff.  So I decided to take a week off of CVS and flush out my ECB's on something I wanted badly.

Here is how it went:

  • I transferred two $4 generic prescriptions to CVS and acquired two $10 gift cards!   These were prescriptions I need to pick up anyway so I'm not really counting that OOP.
  • I had $11.37 left on a $25 gift card from MyPoints which I had been using for what little OOP I was needing for my transactions.
  • And finally I had $29.23 in ECB's from previous weeks which I normally wouldn't blow on ONE transaction but today was my exception.
  • So, I purchased a Kodak camera for $99.99 - $29.23 ECB's - $31.37 GC + tax = $45.94 OOP

I got a camera for less than 1/2 price which I don't feel too bad about putting out of pocket since I did the Dimetapp moneymaker at Walgreens twice with my hubby and I bought countless Glades with BOGO coupons to practically offset all the out of pocket on the camera.

I AM SO HAPPY with my ECB purchase! Now, here are a few pics of the kiddos for you to enjoy until I can start some new ECB's.  :)

  Taylor on gameboyTaylor was a happy sport to have his picture taken when I caught him playing a new game on his gameboy in the toy closet.  He does this sometimes which I'm totally cool with because he has to hide from the little ones to get some alone time.  With the three of them there is always action going on so they normally don't even notice him missing for awhile.

  Brooklyn in closetWell, should I say he tried to hide today but...Brooklyn found him and made herself at home in the closet with him too.  And when I found the two of them she had made her way to the top of a changing table that we use for toys, had pushed most of the toys in the floor at that point and was just sitting there so sweetly I couldn't get mad at her. cute!

  Eli with corn And the mischief didn't stop there because I found Eli pretending to destroy our Fall decorations like a mad man.  And I say mad man because of the look on his face which I think was awesome.  And it wouldn't have been so bad at the fact that he was playing with them because there's not much harm in handling corn except...

  Brooklyn with cornWhen I find his sister has made her way out of the closet to see what Eli is doing and decides to investigate the corn with him. And investigation for a two year old includes turning it inside out or at least plucking off what you can to see what's underneath.

So, I hope you like the pictures of my kiddos and all the pictures I get to post from now on! YEAH~


  1. e.m. said...

    Wow. You did great. Congrats on the bew camera! Keep the deals coming!

  2. e.m. said...

    I meant "new"!hehe

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