Deals & Scenarios for 10/26-11/1

Friday, October 24, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I'm going to confess...I am a newbie so I peruse other sites.  I am getting better and scoring my own deals the best I can. 

Like the fact I can say "I" saw I could use my $2 Kaboom coupon to get a refill during Kmart Doubles for only .69 (regular $4.69).  So, see, I'm learning!

And, I am good with math so learning the CVS & Walgreens game wasn't a problem to figure out but...I'm still taking the lazy approach putting my deals together and give credit to those who have put hard work on their blogs already.

So, here is how my upcoming week looks:

A few things at CVS:

Nothing really at Walgreens

Kmart will be a separate post on Sunday when they start allowing double coupons here.



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