I am a crowd looker

Saturday, November 08, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Or whatever you call people who watch people. So, when you see me in the store I am likely to talk to you and boy do I have alot to say now that I coupon shop! HA!! Anyways, today I met several people in the store and I think it is cute how I get giddy when I talk about my coupons. I actually got to show off my binder to someone today at Kroger and it was awesome! I have became a little OCD about organizing my coupons and my binder is litterally 4 inches thick so it's not hard to miss. The lady I met at Kroger today was so great to talk to. (whose name slips my mind, you'll have to post a comment and let me know again) I joked with her about kids and shopping and found out she has six kids and spends over $1000 a month in groceries. Woah shreaked my breaks, that is alot. I quickly told her about my site and the blog roll I have to the right and that she needed to look everything over as well as where JANE4girls spends $800 a year for her family of six. I got to share some of my coupon knowledge with her and told her about CVS and Walgreens too and think she left the store excited. Oh yeah, and it made me feel great when she ooeed over my binder! OK, enough. I think my next post will be how my coupon binder is organized...so get ready to see how my madness is sorted.


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