Bologna, Peanut Butter & Hot Dog Sandwich

Monday, January 19, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Strange Food - BPBHD Yuck!  My oldest son is weird.  When I offer up a free for all quick dinner he always asks for this.  ~Bologna, Peanut Butter & Hotdog Sandwich ~ Double yuck.

I can even remember the first time he asked for it.  He wanted a “Peanut Butter” sandwich, then he said “no, make it Bologna”, then he said “no, make it Hot Dog”.  Then I said the worst thing possible, “Well, how about all three honey?”.  And the eyes light up with a big “Yeah, yeah, yeah!  All three!”

I never imagined him going for it when I mentioned it the first time but I’ve been serving it up ever since when we have a free for all dinner.

Isn’t this too weird or what?!  And, No, I’ve not tried this Bologna, Peanut Butter & Hotdog Sandwich either…ewww.  I’ll stick to Ham & Cheese or PB&J.


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