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Thursday, January 01, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Watch magazine You have to go here to sign up for the CBS Watch! Magazine. I have been without TV for years.  Yes, years!  I have been wearing the VHS and DVD's out from the library.  I haven't even had the local channels because of where I live in the mountains until now! 


Now, I had heard about the digital conversion and never paid any mind to it because it wasn't going to affect me since I didn't get the locals anyhow -- WRONG! While cleaning one day for giggles we decided to hook up some old rabbit ears before donating them on the new TV our kids got last year.  Well, apparently this is a digital ready TV and them old rabbit ears picked up some digital channels.  WAHOO!  Digital is alot stronger than analog and we are in TV land heaven now with a whopping 6 channels! 


So, this freebie is right up my alley...anyone else?


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