Lice anyone? Here's my savings story!

Sunday, January 04, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

lice-1 Lice and a savings story? Doesn't sound right together but I did it! I saved $73.50 during our recent bought with lice!

Yuck! I hate to even hear the stinking word right now. It's became a curse for almost a month between my three kids and my sister-in-law's three.

So where did it come from? Who knows! The only thing we can think is one of them brought it home from school before Christmas break and it kept going round and round. Uggh!

Anyways, I wanted to point out something that me and my frugal self lucked upon. She started out with a more expensive name brand and the kids claimed it burned? Not sure it did or not but we're talking 4 year old's. Well, apparently it didn't work because rounds 2 and 3 stepped back up to the plate for us.

Pronto Lice ShampooBut guess what? Me and my frugal self found clearance tags on the shelf at Kroger for various brands and this particular brand caught my eye because it is so child friendly!

Pronto Plus is a mousse shampoo that has a no-drip fun blue foam and leaves no chemical residue. The best part is it's fruity watermelon smell (and they didn't complain of any burning this time!) Awesome!

No coupons for this stuff to be found, or was there? You're right. I needed six boxes so I peeked inside to find none other than a $1.50 COUPON! It was already marked on clearance from $10ish to $5.67.

So, here's my math with six separate transactions so I could pluck the coupon from the previous box. :)

1 box at $5.67 - $3 OYNO from last week = $2.67

1 box at $5.67 - $1.50 Q - $3 OYNO from last week = $1.17

1 box at $5.67 - $1.50 Q - $3 OYNO from last week = $1.17

1 box at $5.67 - $1.50 Q - $3 OYNO from last week = $1.17

1 box at $5.67 - $1.50 Q = $4.17

1 box at $5.67 - $1.50 Q = $4.17

Grand Total: $14.52 for SIX boxes for the price of what one competitor box retails for!

Seriously...there was a box selling for $14.67, one box! Times that by six and I would have spent $88.02! Gasp! I saved $73.50 by being frugal! Ka-ching!

Each box was able to treat each kid and we still have some left. The boys hair didn't need that much so we made one bottle go pretty far!

Hopefully we're all cleared up because I do not want this stuff going around anymore.


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