Who Said Kroger Is Overpriced?

Monday, January 19, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

It’s 4am and I just got home from Walmart because I had to grab something for school.  I like to shop at night when the stores are empty so I asked the cashier if alot of customers do any of their BIG grocery shopping at night and she said, “Yes, especially at the first of the month.”  She also made the comment about how her grocery money doesn’t last through the month and I said, “You don’t use coupons?”  She replied  “Not much outside of the baby coupons someone gives me”.  Of course, I resonded about my couponing and how I shop at Kroger.  And she responded that “KROGER IS OVERPRICED!”  Honey, let me tell you…

Kroger is not overpriced if you know how to work the coupon system! 

And here are a few smart tips to get you started.

  • Learn how to use coupons.  Make it your new hobby!
  • Get a few newspaper subscriptions.  (I have 4).
  • Learn what store has the best coupon policy.  (Mine is Kroger)
  • Stop buying groceries based on what you “want”.
  • Start buying only sale stuff unless you have essential needs to pick up.
  • Start eating based on what you find on sale & what you already have.

If you follow those few tips and start learning all the ropes you’ll double the amount of food you have and still save money.

Put me to the test.  Look at my grocery shopping trip below.  Tell me when the last time the store paid you to buy something?  When was the last time you got Free toilet paper?  Or .50 bags of Chex Mix?  Now, granted this shopping trip was alot of snack stuff, I am in stockpile mode and I’m also doing alot of mail-in-rebates so this picture may not look like your typical shopping trip but it soon will.


  1. Jamie said...

    I use to think Kroger was overpriced too, that is of course before i started using coupons. Now I do 99% of my grocery shopping there. I think I'm going to go back through my receipts and count how many packs of FREE Cotonelle TP I gotten from Kroger this year! LOL

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