Asking A Manufacturer for Mailer Coupons

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I used several mailer coupons on my last trip so I thought I’d throw out a quick tip about how I get manufacturer coupons in the mail.

Leave a comment on the manufacturer’s website asking for them.

Simple enough, right?  I randomly pick a brand that we eat and go the manufacturer’s website and let them know how much I like their product.  Majority of the time I get a response back that they are placing coupons in the mail. 

How often do I do this?  Just whenever.  I made two requests this week.  See below:

My kids love Foster Farm corn dogs and they are about $5/box.  We don’t eat these very often but they are nice to have for a quick fix.  Their website has printable coupons for their other products but not for the corn dogs.  So, I left a comment and stating so and asked for some coupons.  Here’s their response…

Foster Farms Thank you for taking the time to contact our Foster Farms Consumer Affairs Department.  We do have discount coupons available for some of our products, and I will be glad to place some in the mail for you.

My kids also love the Pepperidge Farm goldfish.  These often go on sale for around $1 which is my buying price.  Target had an awesome deal this week using a Target printable coupon to get them for .66.  There was also supposed to be a Manufacturer printable on the Pepperidge Farm website to bring them down to .16!  Awesome deal but I was unable to print the coupon by the time I read about the coupon so I left a comment on their website about my printing problem.  Here’s their response…

Pepperidge FarmWe received your message and appreciate your taking the time to contact Pepperidge Farm about our Pepperidge Farm promotion.

We appreciate your interest in our Pepperidge Farm products, and hope you will accept the complimentary coupon we have sent to you via the mail, which you will receive within 7-10 days.

So, see a minute or two of my time netted me some coupons in the mail that I know I will be using during future shopping trips.  These are products that we use and alot of times the manufacturer will send really great $off coupons and sometimes FREE coupons, which I love!

What are you waiting for?  Pick something in your pantry and let the manufacturer know how much you love it.  Be truthful too!


  1. Riannon said...

    Not all manufacturers will do this. Proctor Gamble will not for any of their products! They will mail you a letter saying they won't mail coupons. What a waste of paper!

  2. Coupon Mommie said...

    Yeah, I've experienced a few manufacturer's that don't send coupons but most of the time I score!

    WOW! I hadn't requested anything from P&G. Geez, I agree about the paper waste...they could just email a response back.

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