Reader Question: How Do I Maximize My Coupons?

Sunday, February 15, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

coupons2 This reader comment is from Stacy:

I have been cutting coupons for years and don't get big deals out of them.” –email

Well, to get the best deals out of coupons you have to use them at the right time.  Here is what I ask myself when shopping with my coupons.

What is the item, the size and the regular price?  This is important to ensure you are using a coupon to meet the manufacturer requirements as stated on the coupon.

What is the sale price?  Check the hangtag to see how much $x off it is from the regular price.  Can you tell if the sale price at it’s lowest?  Keep a price book if needed.

When does the sale end?  Will the sale only be lasting for a week or a number of weeks?  You need to know how long you have to take advantage of the offer whether over several weeks or if you need to stockpile the most immediately before it ends.

What sale promotion does the store have?  If the store has a promotion to buy for example 10 items & get $3.00 off your order instantly then that equates to an additional savings of $.30 per item.  Matching a sale promotion with a coupon will maximize your coupon even more.

What coupon do I have?  Do you have coupons for the items on sale?  If not and you think it is a good price, write it down and check for an internet printable when you go home.  There are many sites that have a compiled list of printables like in my sidebar or you can always go to the manufacturer website to check.

Will the coupon double or triple?  This is the best tool for getting items at their lowest price when they are on sale.  Many times a doubled or tripled coupon will net really cheap or FREE stuff.

What is my end price?  Will your coupon equate to the best deal?  Can you buy the generic cheaper?  Don’t just buy something because you have a coupon if you can buy the generic cheaper.  Many times the name brand with a coupon will be better but sometimes not so keep an eye out. 

How many items will I buy at this price?  Stockpile items while they are at their lowest price.  Building up your pantry this way will allow you to take advantage of more savings in the future.

These are the questions I ask myself so that I maximize my savings as much as possible. 


  1. Together We Save said...

    I never could maximize my coupons until I started reading blogs. Blogging really helps explain things. I appericate all your help.

  2. jamy said...

    May I chip in my 2cents.
    Most people think of coupons, they think of cutting newspaper coupons and save 25cents, 50cents and $1 here but couponing is more than that.
    I have highlight on my blogs recently of from baby steps to guru steps.

    When I first read the story of Jane4gilrs, I was blown away but now I think it is possible to do what she does.

    I think it is with the approach of combining coupons.

    This is what I learned over the last 12months.

    Coupons on buy 1 get 1 free deals
    Eg. my family drink juicy juice a lot, I used to buy juicy juice for $3.79 a publix
    Now I have 2 $1 coupons when there is a buy 1 get 1 free deal so now instead of paying $3.79 for each, I am paying 90cents for each, that is saving more than 50%.

    Combine (buy 1 get 1 free deals + competitors coupons)

    Eg. Recently, there is a clearance at Publix on L'oreal shampoo for 2 for $2.99 and Walgreens have $4 coupons for 2, so I get my L'oreal for free.

    Combine (buy 1 get 1 free deals + coupons + rebates)

    Eg. Recently Albertons have pull pork for 2 for $6 and there is a $5 coupons for 2 and you can send in to claim for $10 rebate if you buy 2,so you are making money out of the products you buy.

    So if you master the skill of couponing, you can even make money out of your purchase

    Jamy @

    An obsess couponer :)

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