Diapers.com Deal – 200 Huggies diapers for $1.03!

Saturday, March 07, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Huggies Want to know what to do with those high dollar Huggies coupons I told you about here?  This takes quite a few steps but nets some CHEAP CHEAP Huggies diapers!

Bear with me & Let’s go…

  • Print 5 coupons (print 2 from my sidebar & go here for more print options in the comments)
  • Mail to Diapers.com (go here for more details where to mail them)
  • Visit Tanya at CVS Saver here for the ordering details and use my email (couponmommie@hotmail.com) or hers as a referral for your discount when ordering! 

Here’s how she has it broken down to get around 200 diapers!!!:
Order 5 packs of Huggies Jumbo @ $10.99ea = $54.95
minus $.20 – Ebates reward 
minus $10 – New customer discount on order over $49.00
minus $25 – 5 of the Huggies $5 coupons I told you to print here
= $19.75 for around 200 diapers AND…
minus $14.97 – Rebate mailed in by choosing not to subscribe to Parenting
= $4.78 – which is an awesome price for that many diapers AND…
minus $3.75 – Rebate from Caregiver’s Marketplace
= $1.03 if you participate in this program & submit the mail-in rebate for 200 diapers

Note: If it doesn’t go to the parenting magazine option then keep hitting refresh or retry the checkout process again.

Hurry and get those coupons mailed in because you don’t know how long the $10.99 sale will last before they go back up to $12.99!!!


  1. Lissa said...

    Gotta question for ya... how do you redeem the coupons online? I am going to check this deal out tomorrow...but thought I would ask if you knew first!

    Thanks for the post...I'm sure everyone will put it to good use...it's the best deal yet!


  2. Coupon Mommie said...

    Hey Lissa! You simply mail the coupons to them BEFORE placing your order.

    So, after you print your coupons out in my first bullet point above you will have to visit Diapers.com to create an account.

    Then in my second bullet you will need to read up on how to mail them into Diapers.com with your new account information.

    Then in my third bullet (once you see the coupons applied to your account) you can read up on how to go through the order process.

    Hope this helps a little more. :)

  3. Tanya said...

    Thanks for linking to me!

  4. sunnymum said...

    This sounds like a really great deal. Thanks for sharing! Do they still offer free shipping and the new customer discount even though the coupons would bring the total under $49?

  5. Coupon Mommie said...

    Sunnymum, sorry for not responding sooner. Yes, the free shipping is calculated BEFORE coupons. Hope you get to snag the deal.

  6. sunnymum said...

    Yes, thanks! The free shipping is indeed calculated before coupons, but the other $10 off first orders over $50 is calculated after. I got some sunscreen too to make up the difference. Should have sent in a few more coupons! Thanks again for the deal alert!

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