“I was in the kitchen. I crack eggs.” End Quote…

Saturday, March 28, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

032809 Broken Eggs

I was just getting ready to blog this and as I showed my daughter the picture, I asked her what happened.  Her response, “I was in the kitchen.  I crack eggs{smile}.”    Aww…

And now the story as mom remembers it.

I had cooked Mimi 4 eggs and fed them to her for breakfast.  I normally make 2-3 but she insisted “I eat four eggs” and I agreed.  She loves counting and you can’t fool her either so, four it was.  After I fed her I began to do my laundry as she played with her dolls.  About mid-way through laundry I decided to check on her and found she had disappeared.  I walked into the kitchen and found her.  I composed myself at the site and said…

ME: “Mimi, what are you doing?”
MIMI: “I crack eggs.”
ME: “I know you’re cracking eggs, are you supposed to do that without Mommie’s help?”
MIMI: “I was hungry. I helping.”  (Mind you she just ate four eggs!)

032809 Princess MimiAt this point I lectured her how she can be a big help to Mommie but only if Mommie helps and so forth.  Then I sent her to her room for time out while I cleaned up her mess and she obeyed. 

However, as I was cleaning up the mess she walked into the kitchen and before I could say anything she looks at me, lets out a big humph! and says, “I have to clean my mess, Mommie.  I sawwy.” 

Awww…Now, she’s my little sweet Princess again!  Cracked eggs incident and all!


  1. Victoria said...

    lol, she's too cute!! She really went to town! It's just too funny, kids do the darndest things!

  2. Coupon Mommie said...

    LOL, right! What got me was how perfectly she cracked all of them in their little slots. The few empty spaces in the back carton were from where I had already cracked some from before.

    She was so proud of herself that I felt bad for having to punish her but I knew I would have a cracking problem on my hands if I didn't.

  3. Anonymous said...

    That is to funny... Kids put a smile on your face even if you didn't know the smile was there... :-)

    happy mom of 5

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