I Won the Kreativ Blogger Award

Friday, March 06, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

kreativ_blogger I was awarded the Kreativ Blogger Award by Jamie at I Am A Money Magnet AND The Sensible Momma at Saving Cents With Sense

I feel pretty honored.  Thanks so much guys!  

The rules with this award are to name 7 things you love & pass the award to 7 blogs you love.


7 Things (& people) I love:
  1. God and my Family!
  2. Being a SAHM for now!
  3. Coupons and my beloved binder!
  4. Getting things for FREE!
  5. Blogging (and reading others blogs)!
  6. Living in the back country woods!
  7. My wood burning stove!

7 Blogs I love: (I have way more than seven but here are some at random)

Now, it’s your turn!  Be Kreativ and let us in on a little about yourself!


  1. Stamper Couponing Couple said...

    Thanks girl, Love ya!!

  2. Lissa said...

    I'm sooooo excited! My first award! Thanks for thinking of my site! You, too, have been a great help!

    Thanks, Lissa

  3. All Things Frugal 4-U And Me said...

    Thanks bloggy friend!

    I don't have a THING to wear to the Awards-guess I'll have to go Thrift Store shopping:) hee hee;)

  4. Hollie @ Happy Couponing said...

    Yeah! I won something. Thanks!

  5. Beeb said...

    Trust me, the mushy peas you get in England taste so much better than what I made!! LOL!
    Thanks so much for the award! :) Check it out here:


  6. Marli said...

    Wow thanks!!! :)

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