I'm back but boy, when it rains it pours!

Saturday, April 25, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I'm back from my hiatus and I feel like such a horrible blogger.  Please forgive me.  But like I said though, when it rains it pours! Let me explain!

First off at the beginning of the week I ended up with sick children and they were being the ultimate whine boxes. I was so happy when they were about to get better when my grandmother ends up sick!

Now, my granny isn't the typical sick old lady, she doesn't get sick often. But, here she sat in front of me with the worst allergic reaction to her new blood pressure medication that we rushed her to the ER.

So, after getting the kids some antibiotics and granny’s old medicine back we all seem to be doing fine again.

I’ll be getting to the matchups this weekend and back to a normal posting schedule ASAP!  I hope everyone understands.  I am sorry and I should be back on my game now that I have had bloggy withdrawals for the past few days!  Get ready for some deals!


  1. Anne said...

    Good Morning... I did not see who the winner of the April 23 or 24th Coupon giveaway... Thanks!

  2. Lissa said...

    I think we've discussed this situation before right! LOL

    I hope everything is back to normal...kids ok, granny ok, and you are ok!

    Let me know when you get Kroger up and I'll link up!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

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