I want a FREE T-Shirt but…

Thursday, April 30, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I can't decide what I want it to say.  So many clever things are running through my head. Hmm…

Ya know… something to wear to the store when I go shopping with my massive coupon binder

Something clever for the people who are stuck behind me while I do multiple transactions and use stacks of coupons…while they impatiently wait. 

Something for those irritated people who roll their eyes at me that tells them exactly how apologetic I am that I’m saving my family so much money. 

Something for those agitated people that tells them that my time is worth just as much as their time.

Something for those coupon-friendly cashiers that lets them know how much better they make my day when they politely do multiple transactions and take all of my coupons and let me walk out of the store smiling.

OH, and something for those coupon-hating cashiers that tells them that in the state of today’s economy they best not be ticking off the Coupon Mommie because I do know the number to customer service.
{Edit: I’ve only had one experience so far that was so horrible I had to call customer service but, just saying}

See, a FREE T-shirt is even a hard decision for me.  SO many decisions and not enough T-Shirt space.


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