Oh how pitifully cute they are when they are sick

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I will be a little scarce on deal searching while I take care of my kids and hopefully avoid catching the dreaded sickness in the meantime.  Crossing my fingers!!

I’ve had a slightly sick child for a few days now and it has developed into a bad cold overnight.  So, I schedule a doctor appointment only to find my daughter wake up this morning sick as well.  Aww… 

They are actually sitting in their room right now arguing over who is more sick.  How adorable the conversation is!

Bubba: “Mimi, I’m sick”
Mimi: “No Bubba, I’m sick” 
Bubba: “I’m coughing”
Mimi: “Yeah, I’m coughing too”
Bubba: “Well, I’m more sick because I have snot”
Mimi: “Yeah, I have snot too.”
Bubba: “But I’m more sick”
Mimi: “Yeah, me too”

And boy are they milking it with all the whining too.  Mom this, Mom that.  Poor Mom!


  1. Together We Save said...

    That is so sweet. I bet it is alot to handle though. Hang in there I hope you don't get it also.

  2. frugalfarmfamily said...

    I hope they get better soon! I have had a few sick with runny noses yesterday and today. I think it is the lovely (but unpredictable!) East Tennessee weather!

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