This Basic Tutorial killed my Advanced Typing skills.

Monday, April 06, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Just curious…how fast do you type?  I honestly learned how to type on an old old typewriter.  Ya know, the kind with the little legs that clacked on the paper.  Nothing like hearing clack clack clack as you type.  That old blue contraption that my grandmother gave to me as a child really paid off for me as I grew up learning to type on computers.  I average anywhere from 80-100 words per minute depending on what I’m typing.  Toot!

Now, as many of you may have read before – I am in College taking Office Technology classes.  And, part of my classes involve me having to take BASIC Keyboarding!  Oh, OK! I said, easy A!  fast forward Whatever!  Nothing like taking a “basic” class to tell you that your “advanced” skills aren’t up to par!

I mean seriously.  I am a frequent backspace typist and that’s the way I am good at typing.  I can’t type slow – it kills me.   Meaning that while I am typing fast and I make mistakes that I my fingers fix before my brain even registers that I typed something wrong.  Make sense?

Well, anyways.  After the below tutorial I was barely typing 40 words per minute and I was sooo ready to be done with that tutorial.  Nothing like the feeling of seeing results in the 40’s after you’re used to pushing at least the 80’s.



  1. Thrifty and Proud of It said...

    Training really does help. Fortunately when computers came along employment agencies were providing training for free to prep people for work, so I learned my way around a computer in a WordPerfect class. I have been blessed with working at places with continued education programs, but still I occasionally get a tip or two from co-workers on shortcuts.

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