Are the Target coupon policies changing?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Or did you just end up with a grumpy cashier?  More than likely the latter.  It happens, so don’t get discouraged.  I wanted to respond to the following question that I received from a local reader:

I saw an email from someone in Knoxville, TN on another website saying they had an experience at a Target where the cashier and manager refused her stacking saying that Target changed their policy last week.

I think I saw that comment referenced above also in regards to our West town store so I chose it in specific to call.  I requested a member of management in regards to coupon policy.  In speaking with the manager I asked several questions but here are a few of the main ones:

  • Has your coupon policy recently changed?  No
  • Would I be able to “stack” a Manufacturer coupon in conjunction with a Target coupon?  Yes
  • Would I be able to purchase a $.97 trial size item with a $1 Manufacturer coupon as long as the coupon did not state any exclusions on the coupon?  No, we are not allowed to adjust ANY coupons down.
  • Well then, would I be able to purchase a $1.50 item with a $1 Manufacturer coupon and a $1 Target coupon and have the Target coupon simply adjusted down?  No, we cannot adjust either coupon down, not even the Target coupon.

Well, Hmmm I thought.  I did each one of those things today at your store.  So, assuming I ended up with a grump and because my daughter was tugging at my leg for something I hung up the phone and decided to call Corporate to get to the bottom of things.

After calling Target Corporate Guest Relations I was assured that my shopping trips and phone calls to Target should be far more pleasant than I experienced.  I was told that Yes they are allowed to adjust coupons down but it IS at the stores discretion to limit a transaction based on “family sized quantities”.

If you run into problems with a coupon in the store and would like to request a manager then by all means do so.  Have them called to the register or step over to their guest relations area.  If you still run into a grump of a manager then have them call corporate and I was assured it would get resolved. 

I’m picky about my battles depending on whether I have my kids with me or if I’m in a hurry but, don’t be afraid to stand your ground!  As long as you are using a coupon within the terms listed on it then you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Now, remember all the NO answers I was told by that store?  Here is a shopping trip from last week where ALL of my coupons were adjusted down or pushed through (with overage).  So, for everything pictured here, I paid a grand total of $2.36 at that store!

050609 Target


  1. SB said...

    I complained to a store manager once and was gifted a $10 GC for my troubles.


    I am lucky. I have had GREAT cashiers so far (fingers crossed)

  2. Marge said...

    Thank you so much for checking into that. It was me that posted that comment. The cashier told me that ALL Target stores changed their policy just last week. I was gullible enough to believe her! (Why in the world do they do that? What do they have against coupons?)

    I was going to go back yesterday and talk to the manager, but I got busy. I thought I might have to start going to a different Target. But, that one is about a mile from my house and it is so convenient. I guess I'll give them another try. I just won't be so gullible next time. And, I'll keep a copy of the Target coupon policy with me!

  3. Honey said...

    Wow, what a great trip! You got lots of goodies for less than $3!

  4. Anne said...

    Thanks for your research! I had the same experience where they wouldn't allow me to stack the coupons when there was an overage. Since I am fairly new to this degree of "couponing", I didn't push the issue. Now I know! Thanks!

    But one question, - what does "family sized quantities" mean? I see you got numerous similar items. Did you have any coupons that specified "one per transaction"? How was that handled?

    Thanks again!

  5. The Sensible Momma said...

    Now that is an awesome trip! I've been frustrated with Target lately and I have just "given in" on some things when my kids are with me and cranky- don't know why some cashiers are so "grumpy"

  6. Tanya said...

    I had almost the exact same experience. I posted about it on my site:

  7. Jennifer said...

    SB - I have been gifted GC's in the past when I've complained as well. Here is a complaint I made about Walgreens and here is the response which resulted in a $30 gift card. I don't complain with intentions on getting GC's but rather to give them the opportunity to properly train their staff. It makes it easier on other couponers. :)

    Marge - Your welcome. It's a topic that should make it into my Coupon 101 section as far as "handling coupons in the checkout" and grumpy cashiers, LOL.

    And remember, use that cell phone if you have one. Don't be afraid to call corporate right in front of them and hand it over when requested. But, be patient and polite.

    Honey - I love shopping trial sizes. They are wonderful donation items.

    Anne - I ended up with a particularly nice cashier on that trip. "Family sized quantities" means that they could have limited the amount of coupons on my purchase of 20 deodorants to say around 5-6 or whatever number they decided/compromised.

    Yes, some coupons said one per transaction but if you point it out to the cashier and ask if they want to break it up or ring it all together you'll normally get the latter response. YMMV.

  8. Southwest Coupon Clipper said...

    That's AWESOME!!!

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