Do You Always Check the Clearance Rack in the Store?

Saturday, May 30, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Alot of stores even has designated clearance areas to make things easier for you to locate & shop through.  Do you even notice the rack or do you simply pass on by?  You never know what you’ll find so when you go.

Want to know what a reader found recently?  Check out what Honey found in Knoxville just yesterday:

I found the Earthbound Farms organic dried plums and organic raisins on the sale rack at Kroger for $1.59 and $1.29 respectively. I had a $1/2 coupon which I think was from a Kroger mailer. Even without the coupon it’s a great deal! Raisins were very fresh! And they also had a lot of picnic supplies on clearance. 

That’s a pretty awesome savings!  And for Organic at that!  So, remember to be checking the clearance spot!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Not sure where is the right spot to ask this question. How are you handling the valupak coupons due to the fact that they do not have a bar code when printed. The cashier tried to enter the number printed at the top of the coupon but the registers at Kroger didn't recognize it. The manager was very kind and did a manual override and allowed me to use the coupons. I was wondering if you have any advice on this due to the fact that there are some very good coupons on valupak. Thank you for your help.
    By the way your site is awesome. It makes couponing quite easy. I love it and also appreciate the frequent updates.

  2. Michele said...

    I live for clearance racks! Seriously, I do! My husband doesn't like shopping with me because, I will check them out whether it's for groceries or other items. Since I am babysitting today I had some extra cash and took my kids to Vanity Fair.

    This is what I ended up with, wish I could have looked through the clothing a little better to find myself something for once, lol.

    I found these items on the clearance rack for my daughter.
    -Really cute top/pant set for DD $3-Really cute blouse to wear with leggings $3
    -Cute blouse/vest set $3

    -My son got 2 shirts for $15

    I also picked up a super cute blouse/pant set for DD's birthday for $16 (Reg $40 I think) and her first piece of real jewelry (Sterling silver and cubic Z) It has a silver heart with a large pink CZ stone heart in the middle on clearance for $8. I wrapped them all in the same gift bag as a complete outfit. She was admiring and asked for the outfit but, I said she needed to wait for now. Sent her outside with her dad and surprising her with it on her birthday.

  3. Jennifer said...

    How awesome on your clearance finds! And I totally understand the daughter too.

  4. Jennifer said...

    Anonymous, If you're referring to coupons from then I have never personally used them before.

    I signed up real quick and tried to print out a few to see what they would look like. To my surprise my print limits were maxed on all that I tried except one that I hadn't printed before. So, it appears that even though I used the link it could still see where I printed my limits on or Kraft or something.

    However, the one coupon that I did print looks valid with a bar code and all.

    Good luck! And you can always email me at jennifer {at}

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