Food City Coupon Matchups ~ Keep em coming or not?

Monday, May 25, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Food City

Alrighty, the last post was a coupon matchup for the grocery food items at Food City.  Do you like? 

I skipped over the non-food items for now so that I can get a feel for who would like to see this in the future.

I rarely shop at Food City anymore since I have started using coupons at my Kroger stores but, while visiting family this past weekend I found out that Food City is their “main” grocery store in town.  Wow!

Here’s the skinny on Food City as a company.  Their hours of operation are from 6am to Midnight.  They have Baby, Kid, Pet and Wine Clubs you can join for freebies/discount coupons in the mail.  The have 94 stores in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.  That may not be alot but there may be some regions benefit from having coupon matchups for this store.

So.  Let me know.  My mother LOVES Food City and continues to shop there even though I could save her more money at Kroger with their double coupon policy.  So, please comment and give me some feedback!


  1. KnoxvilleNewbie said...

    I went to Food City twice this month because I had $5 off $20 purchase coupons and they were having a couple of good deals promoting the grand opening of their Hardin Valley store. Last week and this week do nothing for me.

  2. Honey said...

    Jennifer, I always look at the ad, but don't always end up shopping there each week. When their meat goes on sale it's the best price around! And they do mark down produce and have lots of closeouts (look for the white tags). Occasionally they have store coupons and buy 1, get 2 free deals. Otherwise, their prices are ridiculously high and they don't double coupons. I would like to see you post about them and I will continue to send you any deals I see from there. BTW, they are going to start doing their ad the way everyone else does instead of starting it on Moday...

  3. Julie said...

    I would like to see the matchups for at least a few weeks just to see how it goes. I used to shop there all the time b/c my mom works at one, and I do love their pre-marinated meats (which are often on good closeout). Otherwise, ditto that their regular prices are high and BOO to no double coupons... I've also had issues in my tentative couponing days of them not taking printables. Maybe if the matchup sticks to using coupons that won't double at Kroger anyway?

  4. Jennifer said...

    They have really good prices on meat and their canned generic food is a good deal but otherwise not too appealing for anyone with a Kroger in town.

    Being that not many people blog about Food City I was just wondering if there were any readers out there that would benefit from me putting effort into this.

    Pass the word, ask around and let me know!!

  5. Marge said...

    Yes, please continue this! I have a Food City almost within walking distance from my house. I'd love to have a good reason to shop there.

    I got a few good deals a month or so ago, most notably their brand of paper towels. They are as good as the Bounty towels I usually use.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Food City has some convenient locations. I actually switched to Food City because of the convenience and how crazy it was to even get in and out of the Kroger parking lot (much less navigate through the store).

  7. Anonymous said...

    I am a newcomer and yes I would like you to continue this. I live close to a Food City.

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