A $20 Housewarming Gift Basket worth $200

Saturday, June 20, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

 imageMy husband and I are attending a wedding today and I was able to use my stockpile to create a gift basket.  The bridge/groom will be moving into a new house so the basket has a huge mix of things.

I made a quick run to CVS & Walgreens to pickup the Clorox and Purex as splurge items for the basket and I also bought a new clothes basket to put everything in so that it would be sturdy and reusable.

I wrote down the approximate retail value and the cost of what I paid for the item as I placed everything in the basket.  When I was finally able to shove everything in the basket I tallied up the totals of the two columns.

* ~ * ~ * The retail value of the basket is $200 and I only paid $20 for the entire thing!  * ~ * ~ *

How did I do this for only $20??  A good majority of the items were purchased using the reward programs at CVS & Walgreens to get the item free after Extra Care Bucks or Register Rewards.  I also took advantage of $10 off $50 or $5 off $25 coupons to maximize my savings on certain purchases when they were available.


  1. Kisha said...

    That's a great gift! I like how you put toiletry stuff in there, too. I bet the recipients will love it. :)

  2. jskell911 said...

    I love making stockpile gift baskets! All the women I know look forward to their birthday baskets. It is such a saving grace to be able to pull something together like that!

  3. angie said...

    This is awesome!
    I just made a wedding shower present with a bunch of stuff. I spent 3.99 for a plastic container to hold it in at Target. Thanks for giving me more ideas of what to put in the next one:)

  4. eclypsechic said...

    WOW that's a really awesome present!

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