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Wednesday, June 03, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I am having internet issues with my satellite so I thought I would talk about a new tool for bloggers.



Simply put – it’s an awesome little widget that will pay you because you have readers who see it in your sidebar.  It is a sponsored video ad player that is embedded in your blog that pays per view.  Per view!! 

JungleAdNetworkSorry, did you hear me?  Per view, meaning no sales to generate!  Just viewers and a cute little button widget sitting in your sidebar.  And, to put the icing on the cake, your visitors have the option to play the widget and watch the lively parenting videos or not. 

Or not.  And you still get paid by the number of visitors who viewed the widget when your blog loaded.  How cool is that?  Quality ads for your readers when they’re ready to watch and content that is automatically updated without any html code changes necessary.

But, due to capacity limitations, joining the Jungle Ad Network is by invitation only!  So, do you want in?  Send me an email: jennifer [at] with your blog address so I can submit your site to them.

The Jungle Ad Network at is new for me so I don’t know much more about it right now.  But if you’re a blogger wanting to make money then I encourage you to signup with it and other affiliates as well like Logical Media, MyBlogSpark and MySavings Media.  They’re all really great to work with!  Enjoy!


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