Idea for kids to have fun with the Nielsen Home Scanner

Sunday, June 28, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

My daughter and I were playing cash register last night with my CVS & Walgreens purchase. Since she loves taking my money and coupons to put in her little cashier register a thought crossed my mind… I bet all my kids would get a huge kick out of scanning our groceries with a Nielsen Home Scanner!?! Seriously, what better way to play “cash register” than with real groceries and a real scanner!

I don’t have a scanner yet because I just signed up for Nielsen a few weeks ago but now I’m looking forward to an invitation from them to participate as a Homescan panelist. Can’t wait!

I do have an update for you about my application and some new links that I found for international signups if you live in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Plus a link for the majority of us here in the United States.

Here’s a copy of an email I just received from them:

Thank you for your interest in joining the Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel! We are processing your information and will contact you within the next few weeks to update you on your status.

What Homescan® Panelists Do If selected to participate on this elite panel, you will be sent a small, handheld scanner (provided by Nielsen at no cost to you) to scan the UPC barcodes on all of your household's purchases. Then, once a week, via the scanner, you'll send your purchase information to us. That's it!

What's In It For You? As a Homescan panelist, you'll have the chance to be one of the lucky few that help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve and, ultimately, what to keep on or remove from store shelves. Your opinions will make a big difference in the consumer marketplace!

In addition, with each weekly transmission you will earn participation points toward fabulous, name-brand electronics, home appliances, tools, toys, jewelry, and more. As members, all panelists have the opportunity to win cash and other terrific prizes!

Thank you for your interest in the Homescan Consumer Panel. Your opinions will make a difference in our consumer marketplace!

So, if you’ve still not signed up then I encourage you to do so. From what I understand from other members is that it can take several months before you’re offered a scanner so at least get signed up with them.

International Links: Australia, Canada and New Zealand


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