Quick Tip about the order E-Coupons are applied

Sunday, June 07, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Have you ever wondered the logic behind how E-Coupons apply to the product they’re intended for?

Let’s look at an example where both of these coupons are for the exact same product:

  • $1/1 shortcuts.com e-coupon which you loaded to your card two days ago and it expires tomorrow
  • $1/2 cellfire.com e-coupon which you loaded to your card a week ago and it expires in two weeks

It’s a bummer that with the way e-coupons work you aren’t able to choose which one is applied because in this example I would choose the one that expires tomorrow which is also for a higher value.  Wouldn’t you?  But the way the register is programmed, it won’t.  It will choose the second one based on it’s programming.  Why?  The registers are programmed to apply the coupons based on the order you load them to your card.

I just wanted to give you some details of a conversation I had this week with Kroger Corp. Web IT nice guy Greg.  This month there are the three different downloadable Yoplait Yogurt coupons from three different sources.  Cellfire .50/6, Shortcuts .40/6 and Hope for Table $1/10.  I asked him if all were loaded on our card, which would come off first if we were only buying 6.  He said the one we downloaded first would come off first. 

Thanks for the awesome tip Tamara!


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