Stealing is stealing ~ NO If’s, And’s or But’s

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Stealing isn’t cool whether it’s in real life or online.

Think about it ~ A blogging community is no different than the community you live in.  You wouldn’t steal your neighbor’s bird bath and claim it to be your own, would you?  I mean, even if you sprayed some paint on that bird bath it still doesn’t take away the fact you stole it, right?  So, why is it ok to presume in the blogging world that copying someone else’s blog post is not considered stealing?

I personally read alot of different “coupon deal” blogs and when I see a deal posted on one site then I normally see it on a dozen others but…they’re all different posts.  And, I always link up to one of them when I share the deal on my site.  Simply put, it’s a sign of respect!

Just like this post you’re reading now.  I actually had this topic on my mind earlier today but I read an awesome post that I want to link you guys over to.  I even have the emails from earlier today and some from a week ago to prove I wouldn’t be stealing this blogger’s idea.  But, why would I do that?  Sharing link love is is cool!  Really, how else do friends make friends?  I link to so&so and you click on it and you like their stuff.  You start following them and you’ve found a new bloggy friend. 

Like I said, I was discussing with a friend where we had both found OUR info on another site without any credit being returned to us.  We were going to pull a post together this week when I happened to read Andrea’s awesome post in her Begin to Blog series on this very topic.  Awesome!  So, I’m going to give her some linky love and tell you to visit her site to read her post!  I’m sure this series is going to be amazing so I encourage you to Follow Her or signup for her Feeds while you’re there too! 

So, if you said Amen to this post and feel like sharing it then link back to someone whether it’s me or Andrea or someone else.  Just be respectful and give credit where credit is due.

Remember to spread the linky love in the future whether it’s a deal or or a funny picture! Just don’t steal!


  1. Together We Save said...

    You are so right.

  2. Lissa said...

    I couldn't agree more! This is why I try to use a format unlike any other site when I do my matchups...of course there is always the spray paint effect! I have caught one individual using my info (copying it to a "T"). Upon emailing her she got upset and refused to admit that she had copied my stuff (we had even exchanged emails off and on).

    I try 100% to link back to others as often as I's how people found my site and how I find other sites!

    More power to "linky love"!

    I hope that you are able to get your issue resolved soon enough...I understand the frustration!


  3. jskell911 said...

    I do agree with you on this. And actually linked back to you on my post this morning. What timing!

  4. Daisy said...

    I keep reading more and more of these posts week after week and I can only hope with time that the newbies will "get it". Because sometimes I think that's what is happening (hopefully that's what it is??).
    Thanks for the great post! Love your blog ;-)

  5. Suz said...

    I agree... If you use bits of someone's work, link to them... give them credit! Link to me, help me... and I may link to you and help you! Why not make it a win/win for both!!

  6. said...

    Hi Coupon Mommie,
    I am a blogger too and I totally agree with what you said. I do use other lists from other fellow bloggers and I give credit where credit is due. I am still knew to the whole blogging thing so I'm going to learn how to link other blog sites to mine. Thanks soooo much. Love your blog.

    God Bless

  7. gardengrowsnice said...

    I soo agree, I'm a newbie to blogland as well, but I use to run my own site a few years back. I know the feeling of someone else claiming work that's not theirs. I have posted some deals from other bloggers, but have always given the credit to the original blogger. It is their hard work that goes into the posts and they should get the credit. I just found your site tonight and just enjoyed everything I saw. Thank you for the post, it's definetly a gr8 topic :)

  8. Michelle The Mom said...

    I am sorry that this happens. That being said I do want to say thanks for the coupons; as a domestic engineer (stay at home mom) we have to be very careful with every penny. And of course it is fun to save and say, yeah, I just saved us this much money honey!

  9. Chels said...

    "Sharing link love" is the best! I wrote about this topic on my blog as well because of a bad experience. It's so sad that people think it's okay.

  10. Katie said...

    What a great post. I have had all sorts of trouble with this, including someone scraping all my content using Facebook! Thanks for explaining some blog etiquette so clearly.

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