A Thank You to my Readers ~ Throw me some feedback?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I’ve had a Coupons.com button for some time but I’ve recently added Cellfire.com & RedPlum.com. But, instead of just telling you that I have a new button I want to talk to you about my affiliates with a Thank You! RedPlum.com

I know that you could just as easily type in RedPlum.com or CellFire.com and go straight to their website but by taking a few extra clicks via my site first helps drop some pennies in my pocket. So, Thanks!

I know that there are people out there that can become frustrated with all the ads that are posted in bloggers sidebars or the various offers that are posted about things or deals you aren’t interested in and I apologize. I try to filter and be selective about the things that I post here that are relevant to the site. I welcome critical feedback if you think I’m putting out stuff that is WAY uninteresting or for things that you would like to see.

So, tell me how I'm doing! Are you enjoying what you see? Am I posting stuff that is useful? Do ya like the layout? Are the weekly store match-ups helpful? Is there something you'd like me to add? Am I posting too often? Not often enough? Wide-open questions here.

This site is free. This site is my hobby. This site is also my passion. Yes, this blog takes up alot of my time but Yes, I enjoy it. Yes I do have affiliates. Yes, I’m trying to make money off this blog so I can continue to stay at home. And, YES, I AM ALWAYS TRULY AND HONESTLY THANKFUL FOR EACH AND EVERY CLICK!

Now, I said I'm open for critical feedback but try to take it easy on me. K? Nice comments are always appreciated as well.


  1. Gabrielle said...

    I think your site rocks! I like that you update it often, it looks professional, and your posts are well written. :)

  2. Together We Save said...

    I love your site. I am also trying to make a little extra money with my blog. I need all the help I can get. Blogging keeps me looking for the best money saving deals so I continue and I love it.

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