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Monday, July 13, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

As a blogger I receive alot of offers from my affiliates as they are made available.  I sift through and pick out the ones that look interesting to me and I pass the promotion on to you.  But, I was sitting here tonight looking at all the campaigns that are available and I thought it might be fun for you to see the whole board.

This isn’t everything that’s available but, just a few that have been updated within the last two weeks. 

You will need to click on the picture if you see something that interests you. 

Can’t get much better than FREE pics.  You need to snag deals like this whenever you see them.
FREE samples of Enfamil formula.  Free is always good.
FREE tips, FREE advice and FREE product samples in the Enfamil Breastfeeding Support kit.  I totally, totally encourage breastfeeding and at least reading more about it if you’re undecided or unsure!

Now, this free trial of Focus Dalies contact lenses is something that I would be interested in during my next eye doctor visit, wouldn’t you contact wearers agree?

I was totally in love with all the Kraft coupons that were available awhile back.  This is a definite must to be enrolled in for great perks when they pop up!  And, Kraft has awesome tips that they send out to your email!
My family doesn’t do alot of traveling but I find it fun to look in travel magazines just to see all the cool things that are advertised.  Sign up and receive a free subscription to Sherman’s Travel Magazine and dream you up a vacation!
VistaPrint is awesome!  You can get 250 FREE Business Cards, 140 FREE Return Address Labels, FREE Rubber Stamps and so much more.  And, the best thing about VistaPrint is that the quality is GREAT!


I strongly encourage you to have separate email accounts for any FREE offers you signup for to avoid spamming your personal email inbox.  Windows Live is a great tool to help you manage multiple email accounts which you can read more about here

Now, here’s what is behind the scenes of the offers that I didn’t post.  Not much, but maybe cool to see?  You can click on a picture for more info but these are offers I have not personally done before myself.  K.

This DVD claims to help you understand how to re-grow your hair permanently and naturally with a free personalized hair & scalp analysis.  My husband is thinning and sports a shaved head as his cover up so I’m not sure if he’d be interested.
This one always makes me chuckle that they actually want someone to bag up their jewelry and ship it somewhere for money?!  I do NOT advise sending your jewelry off to anywhere through the mail system.
Oh, and this is exactly what my husband needs when he’s home: An online Baseball Game where you manage your teams and collect cards. And here’s the kicker -- Get 3 free starter packs of cards when you register!
This eBay kit might be interesting for someone who is interested in making money by selling their stuff.  I’m somewhat of a packrat so this hadn’t peaked my interest that much.
Anyone have this?  I’ve seen offer in the mail alot but never really looked into it.  I probably should, I just haven’t yet.
I guess this would be a video that I would have to see to believe.  It claims to “Make Money Online”, “NO Selling”, “NO Special Skills needed”. 
Here we go again with a promotion that I would have to see to believe.  Get a Free automated Google Income Kit. Now Anyone can make money with Google.
Another kit about making money which is geared toward all us stay at home moms.  It claims you can get an extra paycheck without leaving the kids!
This one might be worth looking into if you’re in the need for a dish.  I, personally, haven’t had any “TV” TV for years to save money other than a few DVD’s sometimes but, if you’re looking to ditch cable then you might checkout this offer.
I’m not in the market for a pool but I’d be interested in seeing what a estimate would look like mid-summer compared to one in the dead of winter/spring.  I’m sure there would be a pretty big difference.
Oh, how my back would love to have a Tempur-Pedic.  I’ve actually ordered the video before myself (before I began blogging) but I couldn’t bring myself to fulfill the certificate because I knew it wouldn’t be in our budget after the FREE 3 month in home trial.
Chance to win a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Camera!

Chance to win a Pizza Party for their Friends and Family!

Chance to win $500.00 in Sephora beauty supplies!


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