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Friday, August 21, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Business Card I’ve ordered business cards in the past from VistaPrint and I’m actually in desperate need for more so I was excited to see this pop up & remind me.

These handy cards are helpful in the store when I am asked how I’m able to save so much money or when someone wants more information on how to get started.  Easy, I just hand them my card.

What’s funny is that I never imagined myself the type of person who would whip out a business card and hand it to somebody and now, I am. 

Business Cards can be for anything even if you don’t have a blog to promote.  Many people have a few professional business cards on hand for when they’re job hunting and some may just want to promote their SwagBucks referral name so they can earn more points to cash in for gift cards.

Whatever your reason is for having/wanting business cards here are some Freebie offers.  Enjoy!

Go here to create and request 10 free business cards from MOO cards.

Order 250 Free business cards from VistaPrint for as little as a $6 shipping.  (Tip: even if choose the longest shipping period you’ll still get them alot quicker than it states.  I received mine in almost 1/2 the time)

    And the awesome thing about VistaPrint is that they offer alot of freebies quite often and all you pay is shipping.  I just received an email from them for a free Notebook filled with 80 pages of filler paper and other things like postcards, brochures, t-shirts and more.  Check it out!

Thanks to Gabrielle for the Moo link!


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