Kroger Mega Event Details and some hidden deals…

Sunday, August 16, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Have you been able to checkout my Kroger post yet with all the exciting Mega Sale Matchups?

I found EXTRA deals in the store.  Not all the tags were up but look at the bottom of this post to see the additional sale items that I found!  I’m going back later and will update with more savings on the original post later tonight!  Yeah for the Mega Sale!

Also, in addition to the awesome savings in the store I will also be hosting a 72 hour giveaway later tonight!  You will have 72 hours to enter for a chance to win a $30 gift card for the Kroger family of stores!

Here’s a few things to know for anyone who is new to how the Mega Sales work:

  • Mega Event for Buy 10, Save $5 Instantly basically means you take $.50 off each item’s “sale" price.
  • Mega Sale items will have a special yellow tag labeling them throughout the store.
  • Mega Items are mix-and-match meaning you don’t have to buy 10 of the same thing!
  • All of the Mega Items are not always typically listed in the ad.  Watch for those hang tags!!!
  • Keeping the last tip in mind, make sure you bring all your coupons!
  • Plan on the fact that a Mega shopping trip will take longer.  There is alot of math involved.  You will probably be calculating your cost after coupons to determine whether it is a buy price or not.  You will also need to KEEP TRACK OF HOW MANY MEGA ITEMS YOU PUT IN YOUR CART!
  • I can’t stress the math factor during a Mega event enough!  If you aren’t diligent in counting the items as you place them in your cart then you are losing money.  If you miscount by 1 item then your $5 instant savings will NOT come off your receipt and thus you have not saved $.50 per item.
  • After you checkout you will notice a + sign next to each item which will help you tally up how many mega items you truly purchased in the transaction.  (should you happen to miscalculate beforehand)
  • ALWAYS check your receipts.  This is something that I make sure to do after every shopping trip but especially during a Mega Event.  Remember, Kroger has a scan right guarantee!  Plus, if the cashier doesn’t scan all your coupons & you didn’t catch it before you paid then you can take your receipt straight to the customer service counter to address the issue.
  • And, last but not least.  Don’t clear the shelves!  Mega Events typically last for two weeks.  TWO weeks is plenty enough time for you to pick up a few packages and request for 36 more of said item to be special ordered so that you can pick them up the following week.  Why?  Because it’s good coupon etiquette.  Simply be gracious to the other customers who shop there and leave some products on the shelf instead of just a spot for someone to dust.

Now, onto the deals that I found in the store.  At this point I won’t have all the coupon matchups for these deals but you can probably find similar items/deals on my last post and at most of the printable coupon sites that are matched up with the previous deals.  Enjoy for now and watch for updates!

The deals have been deleted from here and moved to the full matchups post here

Enjoy the deals and don’t forget to stop by my 72 hour giveaway here and enter to win $30!!!

OK, a few more deals are probably still out there.  They weren’t through putting up the 5,000+ tags that they had to stick up for this sale!  Oh my goodness! 

Little tidbit of info about the stockers that put up the hangtags.  One person can typically hang about 1,000 tags in an 8 hour shift!


OK, that’s enough for now.  Don’t forget to check back later for more updates and my 72 hour giveaway!

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  1. Sheilacakes said...

    Awesome Post! I love some great deals!

  2. nina said...

    Great finds!

  3. Anonymous said...

    I was just wondering about the raincheck idea...It wouldn't work for many Krogers that limit three like coupons to be tripled/doubled per transaction. Does your Kroger not limit "like" coupon use, or does the cashier change the number on your raincheck by reducing it each time depending on the amount you purchased (ie. raincheck is for 36, example # from the blog I'm responding to, you buy 3 because of possible "like" coupon triple/double policy, and now you have a raincheck for 33). But then the entire "special order" couldn't be purchased at one time unless 12 transactions are completed and that is just beyond this universe ridiculous in my opinion. Maybe I'm missing something, but this seems like the only way it would work for many of us that only have Kroger stores convenient to us with this 3 like coupon policy. Just wondering, thank you

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