Reader Success: Tanya shares her score this week

Thursday, August 27, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I have a new reader who did an amazing job saving money this week and wanted to share her success. 

I’ll have to quote her since she totally made me laugh!

082709 Tonya H

Wanted to show you what I got for $34 from Kroger, Food Lion and CVS this AM.

The Cottonelle, 20 double rolls was on clearance for $5.99 plus I had $5 ECB as well as a q.

There are 8 lbs of chicken boobies there too! LOL

Take Care,
Tanya H

Amazing job Tanya, and thanks for making me laugh!  Too cute!


  1. Nurse tanya said...

    My kids thought it was funny to see our kitchen table and groceries on the internet! LOL

    I got a lot of groceries. I really did not have things spred out well enough to see everything. There is 2 small bags of dog food, can of dog food, Ritz Crackerfuls, Ritz crackers, 4 can Pillsbury cresent rolls, yogurt, capri sun and koolaid (in whick I am putting toward the Fuel for School rebate, 6 2-liter FL coke, 5 boxes NV granola bars (got a $3.50 rebate for that one), 3 Renuzit air fresheners, 2 bottles of Loreal shampoo, 2 packages of MArtha White muffin mix, 1 can of Rock Star, Sargentino String Cheese and A1 Marinade to add to my 20 double rolls of toilet paper and can't forget the chicken boobies!

    Gotta love coupons!

  2. Nurse tanya said...

    Forgot, also got a 20 oz French's mustard too!!!

  3. Jennifer said...

    Tanya, glad your grandkids liked the pic, I did too.

    I could tell by looking that there was alot of stuff on the table. You have to get creative when "displaying" your shopping trips. Trust me, I know.

    LOL, I never thought I would post anything with a body part name/nickname on this "coupon" blog but you threw me a curveball with the chicken boobies. :) LOL

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