Reminder that it’s Mega SwagBucks day!

Friday, August 14, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

TODAY is Mega SwagBucks day where you could be awarded 1-500 SwagBucks for searching instead of the normal 1-5 SwagBucks.  So, are you consistently using your SwagBucks for all your searches?

I tried explaining SwagBucks to my Father-In-Law this weekend and it was literally a blank stare.

  • ME – Hey Dad, you know if you use for your search engine instead of Google then you can earn points for FREE stuff. 
  • DAD – What is SwagBucks?
  • ME(Knowing I can’t go into complicated details cause I’m already getting the blank confused look) It’s just a website that will return the same results as Google but you’ll earn points that you can cash in for FREE stuff. 
  • DAD(Speechless look)
  • ME- Want me to just show you how to use it instead of Google and we’ll skip over the details?  Because for every 45 SwagBucks points you earn you can get a $5 Amazon gift card and things like that.
  • DAD – Nah, I’m not really ready to change yet.
  • ME – OK Dad.  (Thinking dern cause I was sure hoping to earn some referral points off of him)

Haven’t signed up yet? Go now!  You will automatically earn 3 FREE SwagBucks from me just for signing up.

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Search & Win

Want another way to earn free gift cards?  Sign up for MyPoints that I talked about here.


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