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Monday, August 24, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

…but my Hughesnet Satellite Internet decided not to be my friend this weekend.  Argh!  For some unknown reason I was completely shut down from early early Saturday until this afternoon.  And, I don’t know why!!

The Kroger matchups for last week are still good because the Mega Sale is still here for another week.

Jenny at Southern Savers does an awesome job for all the other stores if you want to check her out.  I have some scenarios that I want to post for Walgreens with an upcoming 4-day sale so be sure to check back!

Now, back to my internet problems:

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (@theCouponMommie) then you have probably heard me complain about them here recently and this weekend just fed me up entirely.

If I had a different choice then I would definitely make it but considering where I live I am pretty much stuck with this option.  If you don’t understand what I’m talking about I’ll explain it to you.

Basically, High speed satellite IS NOT like high speed cable.  It’s just not even close.  Cable is a straight connection of speed and satellite is not. 

  • You type in a web address and it hits the cable internet and comes back to you, and you see that website.  But, not me…
  • I type in a web address and it goes up to the satellite in the air, back to me and then back up before coming back to me and I get to see my lovely website that I typed in.  Groan.
  • And, don’t even for a second say that it’s about the same because I’ve used both types.  Granted my satellite is faster than dialup it’s still frustrating.

Plus, You have the option of watching TV episodes and videos online, but not me.  Why?  Well, Hughesnet has this nice restriction called “Fair Access Policy” where you can only upload/download so much bandwidth per day.  I don’t recall off the top of my head what is included in my package but it’s ridiculous.  A 45 minute video is about my maximum viewing time before I would get shut down for 24 hours.

I’ll step off my soap box now and try to get some more money saving posts lined up instead of whining.  :)


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