Update on my Kroger Giveaway ~ Sweet Success!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I have an update for you for my part of the $30 gift card giveaway to the Kroger family of stores.

081709 KrogerMy goal was to not only go in and buy all the $.20 Fruit Snacks & Hamburger Helper that was obviously cheap in the matchups but to actually feed my family for a week on that $30 Gift Card.  And, I did!

Breakfast items I bought were cereal, snack bars and biscuits plus I also purchased milk, eggs and ham to cook up with it.  I picked up hamburger meat to stir in with the hamburger helper and taco shells that I grabbed.  Some side items like pasta salad, broccoli, green beans, corn and crescent rolls to compliment some of the meals too.  And what appetite wouldn’t be fulfilled without excessive amounts of snack items?  Stuff like all of the cookie mix, brownies, granola bars and fruit snacks. 

Let’s recap how I did food wise:

Mega Items: cereal, snack bars, hamburger helper, taco shells, broccoli, green beans, corn, crescent rolls, cookie mix, brownies, granola bars, and fruit snacks.

Non-Mega Items: milk, eggs, ham, hamburger and clearance pasta salad.

How did I do money wise? 

My total was $146 minus $109 savings/coupons.  I used my $30 gift card from General Mills & PepsiCo to pay for my purchase and used $6 in cash to pay for the tax!  Not to bad in my opinion!  Right!?  Plus, when I opened one of the fruit snacks we discovered we won a $5 GC in a BC Fruit Snack box! 

So, all in all, my $30 gift card will enable me to feed my family for at least a week and also allowed me to donate snacks to my son’s school as well! 

Want a chance to enter?  You have until 11:59 eastern time tomorrow (Wednesday).  Click here to enter!

A BIG THANKS from my family to MyBlogSpark for providing me with the gift card and to General Mills & PepsiCo for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!


  1. JANE4girls said...

    awesome! how many total items did you end up with?

  2. Hollie said...

    Great job girl! You rock!!!

  3. tsdixon said...

    Amazing!! Can't wait to give it try!!

  4. Gabrielle said...

    Awesome deals!

  5. Mamabelle said...

    Wow, this is incredible!!

  6. Ashley said...

    What an awesome deal!

  7. Layla @ Coupon Journey said...

    Amazing!!! Too bad you live in another state, we could have gone together, so at least I could just see how savvy you are with your coupons!! LOL.

    I just stopped by the Krogers today, to get a card, since I don't have one nearby that I shop at all the time.

    Can't wait to post my items!!

  8. Anonymous said...

    Your hubby is happy once again! lol


  9. Jennifer said...

    Everyone ~ Thanks! I love using coupons & stockpiling things like this!

    Layla. Anytime I'm headed your way I will be emailing you girl!

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