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Sunday, September 13, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Search & Win

Have you joined SwagBucks yet? New Members can earn 5 points by joining HERE. How? SwagBucks has offered a special code for Coupon Mommie readers! the code is: “couponmommie”

What are you waiting for? Trust me! I waited awhile to join the SwagBucks wagon & now I regret it BIG time!

Here’s a few of the how’s to earn points:

  • Searching ~ SwagBucks is powered by and so just use it as you normally would.
  • Promoting ~ Refer your friends with your referral link (like I’m doing now) and you will start to win ever time he/she wins (up to 100 maximum points from each referral).
  • Newsletter ~ A Bi-Monthly newsletter will give you extra points.
  • Videos/Pics ~ Earn SwagBucks from sending in a video or picture of the prize you “buy” w/SwagBucks.
  • MEGA SwagBucks Friday ~ Typically you earn up to 5 points per search but Mega Friday is up to 100.
  • SwagCodes ~ Codes found randomly on the SwagBucks blog, twitter and facebook.
  • Toolbar ~ An exclusive SwagCodes toolbar to make searching even easier!
  • SwagBucks Widget ~ Randomly found in sidebars on various blogs with links to use inside it.

Their NEW Toolbar is pushing out a new SwagCode EVERY day this month so if you SwagBucks now then you can earn 1 per day until the end of the month! That’s pretty awesome just for downloading their toolbar. Plus, you can still earn through all the other ways I mentioned above! Super Awesome, right!

AND, for the newbies who haven’t joined yet…You can earn 5 points just for signing up today! That’s right! SwagBucks has offered a special code for Coupon Mommie readers! From now through Friday 9/18 new members can get extra points when they use the code couponmommie (case sensitive).

I guess I could mention that it only takes 45 points to earn a $5 Amazon gift card. I’ve started cashing in my SwagBucks to purchase a new Coupon Binder for myself and I can’t wait! You can earn other things but so far the Amazon gift cards have been my goal. Happy Swagging!


  1. Kim said...

    I love the way you do your matchups with the pictures. That is such a great idea. It makes it so easy for everyone to know what to look for.

  2. Kim said...

    This comment was ment for the post above this (Cvs) This is what happens when a 4 year old is pulling your arm. I sorry.

  3. Jennifer said...

    LOL, that's ok Kim! I'm a very visual person so I really like putting the pictures up for everyone because I know there have to be other people out there like me. :p

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