It's time for EOM printables

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

My internet is acting funky so I thought I'd post this reminder for you (and hope it will publish) while I try to contact Hughes Net. I have been having lots of issues with this satellite internet lately that I have blamed on poor weather conditions but since it's sunny today I think there has to be another problem going on.

I'll be back later if I can get things figured out with this satellite because working like this is like blogging with dial-up. Can you say, frustrating?

So, in the meantime:

Be sure to print any coupons you might use from, Redplum and Smart Source before they reset for the new month.  Some may disappear and some may still be available, you never know.

Load your E-Coupons: Cellfire, PGEsaver and Shortcuts. I noticed a $20 e-coupon for one of the I-wireless cell phones on Shortcuts! That means you could pay as little as $9.99 for a phone and start racking up on the free minutes for buying groceries. This would make for a great starter phone for the kids.

Sign-up for newspaper delivery with Discounted Newspapers to save 50% or more over buying at the store.

Free Grocery Coupons Newspaper subscription Grocery Coupons

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