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Friday, September 18, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

MySavings Media Super Affiliate ProgramI’ve had several friends ask for links on how to get started monetizing their blog so I thought I’d post them for everyone to take advantage of.  I have experience with all of these sites listed and they are all WONDERFUL to work with.

I am listing each site below with a link to their application.  The application is only the first step of the process but I promise to post additional steps later for those who want more help to Make Money Blogging!  Leave me some comments with any questions I might be able to address quickly, I’d love to. 

Monetize your blog:

Join Logical Media – This is my favorite affiliate for free samples. 

Join MySavings Media This is very similar to Logical Media with similar offers but you will still want to join both as sometimes they offer different payouts and you will want to advertise the one with the top payout.

Join Commission Junction – Very different from the previous two but lots of advertisers to signup with.


  1. Dian said...

    I haven't had any luck with Commission Junction. I guess Logical Media has spoiled me! They are so easy to work with and see what you have made and when you will get paid. It is also very easy to choose a campaign and get it running quickly! No waiting! Why can't they all have that kind of "ease of use"? Like Brand Caster, maybe you or someone reading this can help me. I see how much I have accumulated, and I see that I am to be paid by check, but there is nowhere, that I can see, as to when I will be paid, or if I have to request the check or if it just comes to me.
    Oh well, sorry for complaining! I DO LOVE Logical Media, though! And your blog!

  2. Dian said...

    Oh, I forgot to sign the above post!

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