Q&A: Rolling RR’s at Walgreens

Monday, September 21, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer


I received the following questions in my email from Pamela W. and thought it would be helpful to post the answer here for everyone else. 

Question 1: Can multiple RR’s from the same product purchase be used together on a future purchase? For example, last week I went to Walgreens multiple times and now have 3 Carefree RR of $2 and 5 Triaminic RR of $5 each.  Could I use several of each one on the same transaction? 

Answer:  Yes.  You can use multiple RR’s to pay for a future purchase however, you will not receive any new RR’s if you purchase some of the same items that produced the RR’s in the first place. 

Also, you can do this as long as your Walgreens allows multiple RR’s to be used in one transaction.  Even though the registers will allows it as long as you have enough items vs. coupons/RR’s you might find a store that will not allow multiple RR’s to be used for payment.

So, YMMV.  (Your mileage/manager may vary)

Another great tip to remember is that an RR will attach itself to an item in your purchase so make sure you have enough items to cover the amount of coupons and RR’s in your hand.  So, for example, you cannot buy 1 item for $20 and use 4 $5 RR’s without buying 3 additional “fillers”.

Question 2:  When you refer to a RR being able to roll onto itself, I believe that means that you can use the RR from that product on your next purchase of that product and still receive the RR.  I saw a reference to that for Walgreens this week on Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.  I accidentally used a $2 RR from carefree last week when I bought Carefree again and so the RR didn’t print out. How do you know when the RR will roll on itself?

Answer:  Yes, you are correct in referencing the Sally Hansen deal that was rolling on itself. 

The computers are setup for the RR’s to be used on future purchases preventing you from purchasing the same item over & over but sometimes there is a glitch that will allow them to roll.  How it is found out is basically trial and error.  Some couponers will intentionally make a purchase to see what happens.

If anyone else has any additional suggestions please feel free to comment.  Thanks in advance!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Can I the halloween pencils as a "filler" item and still used the walgreens coupon for the pencils and a RR for each pencil?

  2. Anonymous said...

    Let's see if I can retype my question without all the typos.
    Can I use two Halloween pencils as "filler" items and still use the Walgreen's pencil coupon and a RR for each pencil?

  3. Jennifer said...

    Pencils are a great, cheap filler!

    If you're talking about the Walgreens in-ad coupon then yes, you can still use the RR's.

    The register doesn't recognize those in-ad coupons as a coupon persay but instead as a price discount thus a manufacturer coupon or a register reward can still "attach" itself to the item.

    This would also apply to the coloring book coupon or the monthly coupon books found at the front of the register that show as IVC Walgreens coupons.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Here is another question. The September Coupon Book coupons say "manufacturer coupon good only at walgreens" on the back. So, are they a manufacturer coupon or a store coupon like the in-ad coupons?

  5. Jennifer said...

    They say manufacturer coupons on them but they are simply store coupons and are scanned & recognized the same as the in-ad coupons by the register.

    I've talked to my Walgreens manager personally and their "books" reflect them the same as the in-ad coupons which is why they don't have to take the coupons.

    She said if they showed up differently on their books like a "normal" manufacturer coupon then they would have to be collected from the customers and submitted like normal coupons.

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