A Time to Give: A small jester to relieve pain

Thursday, September 24, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

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A Time To Give Meme

I live in the same place that I grew up when I was a child and so do my girlfriends that I had in high school.  This means alot to me because we were not only close growing up but we are able to still remain close. 

One benefit from living in the same area is that we can meet up and go shopping each week when we have free time on our hands.  This past weekend we decided to hit up Kroger’s Mega Sale together.  Yea!  Out of the three of us there was only one major shopper.  IAfter dropping off most of the groceries at the first house we drove over to the second house to watch a movie. 

While watching the movie I noticed that one of my friends was in obvious discomfort so I offered a backrub to her.  She willingly accepted and I did my best to rub until my hands felt like they were going to fall off.  When I was finished she said Thank You and told me how I helped relieve her neck and back muscles that had been giving her grief.  I could also tell she enjoyed it because she was not only moving better but she even looked like she felt better.

No one likes to be in pain and sometimes it takes the hands of another person to help relieve that pain.  A massage may seem like a small thing to offer to someone but the impact of my small jester was huge to her.  She was able to avoid taking medication, while was a plus, and enjoy the movie we were watching without being in pain.

This may not be the kind of jester that you can offer to alot of people but I hope it helps you think of ways that you can touch someone else’s life in a kind way.  Whether it be a simple phone call, a plate of food, or another way that you can help someone out in need.

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  1. Jennifer said...

    What a great friend you are! I know that my husband does this for me when I have headaches, and it's amazing how much pain can be relieved. Great way to share!

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