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Wednesday, September 23, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I’m sure some of you are wondering what grocery store UGO is and why I’m posting UGO Deals?  UGO is a local grocery outlet that we have and I found a blogger who had volunteered to post the deals for the store each week.  Yea! 

UGO isn’t your typical grocery store because they focus on closeout and overstock merchandise and they DO NOT take coupons but, by using frugal shopping techniques to scout out their lowest sale prices you can still save money when you shop there.

If you have a UGO in your area then I hope you check back here each week for a list of the best deals. 


Frugally Farming Family has your deal alerts for UGO (United Grocery Outlet) this week!

There are UGO (United Grocery Outlet) stores located in 5 states, go here to see if a store is near you.  UGO provides the lowest prices for name brand and private label items with no loyal card required.  They also DO NOT take coupons because of their low everyday prices on their products.

Here are the best deals I see from UGO. You can see more of them here. To find a location near you go here. UGO sales closeout and over stock items and DO NOT take coupons. However, there are oftentimes awesome deals on produce and other items without the coupons. Not all stores have fresh produce or meat. Also, they will sometimes discount it even more if it is near the expiration date or if you purchase a case! Just ask!

Dairy/Refrigerated Section
4 oz. 4 pack Snack Size Cottage Cheese $1.29
8 oz. Famous Name Brand (FBN) Shredded Taco Cheese $1.39 (Will most likely be Kraft and make it 10 cents cheaper than the Kraft at Kroger this week!)
2 pounds Part Skim Ricotta Cheese $1.49
8 oz. FBN Chocolate Cool Whip 2/$1
24 oz. FBN Steam and Mash Cheesy Potatoes $1
8 count Homestyle Waffles $1.19
3.2 oz. Chili Powder $0.69
5 oz. FBN White Chicken $1
1 pound white rice $1
9.5 oz. Assorted Wheat Thins and Triscuits $1
2.4 oz. FBN Velveeta Cups 2/$1
15.4 oz. FNB Creamy Tomato Soup Bowl $1.29
16 oz. Mild Salsa $1.39
3 oz. pouch Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon $1
10.5 oz. brick Heritage Coffee $1.39
200 ct. coffee filters $1
12 oz. FNB Turkey Gravy 2/$1
10 pack Tropical Punch Jammers $1.99
Fresh Ground beef $1.59/pound
Boneless Chicken Breast $1.59/pound
Value Pack Spare Ribs (three slab pack) $1.39/pound
Head Lettuce $0.79 each
Red Ripe Tomatoes $0.99/pound
Large Sweet Onions $0.79/pound
Fresh Turnips $0.69/pound
5 pound Bag Russet Potatoes $1.49

Those are the deals for the week! Let me know if you see any others.

Also, the ad only states it is good from Wednesday- Saturday. However, as long as they have these items these prices will be good through the next Wednesday.

Thanks for you hard work scouting out the UGO deals Frugally Farming Family!

Looking for more of my weekly store coupon matchups?  Check them out here!  Enjoy!


  1. Honey said...

    I love UGO. I live about a block from the one on Chapman Hwy (spittin' distance-I say). I am in there at least once a week. Espcially if it can save me a trip to Walmart. But I have noticed that on a few things the prices have gone up lately to such a point that it is actually cheaper to get certain things elsewhere especially if using coupons to buy what's on sale. But for the non-coupon person it's the way to go. Before I started couponing, stockpiling, watching the sales ads, and shopping at cvs/wags I would hit three stores every week. First I would go to the Garden Fresh Market for produce. Then I would go to UGO to get as much as I could on my list. And then to Walmart for the remainder of the stuff. Thanks for posting these deals-I'm sure I'll have a comment or two along the way if I see something at a fabulous price.

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