140 FREE Custom Holiday Labels for $3 S&H

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer


If you send out alot of Christmas Cards every year then you’ll want to jump on this deal from VistaPrint.  You can get 140 FREE custom Holiday Address Labels from VistaPrint.  You only pay $3ish shipping & handling.

There are plenty of custom choices you can make so grab a cup of cocoa and have fun making labels.

  • Go to VistaPrint and choose “Holiday” under “Home & Family”.
  • Design your labels and you’re set to checkout with 140 free labels and only pay $3 total for the S&H!

I thought they were super easy to make.  I had lots of fun deciding on how to “dress up” everybody.  Luckily, no one ended up with horns (yes, you can add horns) on my labels and I think they look adorable.

*No, that’s not my real address but those are our real nicknames. 

Daddy and Mommie are given nicknames. 

Kid #1: Bubba:  When #2 was trying to say #1’s name he couldn’t so we tried to get him to say brother and it came out as “Bubba”, hence #1’s nickname.

Kid #2: Lala:  When #3 tried to pronounce #2’s name she just repeated the second syllable of his name which came out to sound like “La-La”, hence #2’s nickname.

Kid #3: Mimi: When #3 was learning to talk she would ask for something like “Me-me-me-me wants juice”.  And, we thought it was cute and started calling her Mimi, hence #3’s nickname.

I will note also, they all go by their real names most of the time but it’s always fun to reminisce.


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