Amazon: Xbox 360 for only $99.98

Saturday, November 07, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

It’s almost time…I’m logging into my Amazon account early so that I can be prepared when they release them!  That way I can hit checkout as soon as the Xbox is in my cart!  ; )

Update:  I was able to snag one but they were all gone by the time I had checked out!

I’ve been browsing Amazon for the kids Christmas presents and I found a really great deal!! 

Checkout this awesome Gold Box deal today on the Xbox 360.

Here’s how the deal works:

Xbox 360 List Price:
- Gold Box Discount:
= Gold Box Price:

- $100 promo code

- $  0.01

$ 99.98  (1/2 price!!)

This deal starts at 12:00 pm PST which is 3:00 Eastern! 

That’s an awesome deal in my opinion!  Check it out!

* You don’t get the promotional code for up to 7 days after checkout but I’ll just use it on a future purchase!  :)  I’m so glad I’ve been saving up my SwagBucks for Amazon gift cards!


  1. Hot Deals said...

    i am really exited to get this deal.

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