Merry Madagascar for only $1.50 at Walmart

Thursday, December 17, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I think I'll be at Walmart this weekend.  *Shock*  Yeah, it's normally a store that I tend to steer away from but, here's a pretty sweet deal that is enticing me.

Merry Madagascar
The Merry Madagascar DVD for just $ wait...$1.50.

It's listed for $6.50 on Amazon so I could just order it for for $2.50 more and save myself some trouble, right?  LOL!  Yeah, I could but then I saw this sweet rebate that would enable me to get the movie for only a $1.50.  Guess I'll be making a trip to Walmart...cause that's a steal for a DVD since I need some baking items anyways.

Here are some more Deals that are good from Dec. 19th – 24th.   In store only!!!  Click here for more details.
iPod Nano 8GB – $145 + you get a $50 iTunes Gift Card
Rent –  DVD -  Just $4
Spanglish – DVD – - Just $4
Catch and Release – DVD – Just $4
Charlies Angels – DVD – Just $4
All The Kings Men – DVD – Just $4
Legend Of Zorro – DVD – Just $4

Thanks for the DVD deals Mojo Savings!


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