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Tuesday, December 01, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

I wanted to remind you to signup to be a VocalPoint member if you haven’t already.  Vocalpoint is an awesome resource for receiving freebies and coupons in the mail!  It is easy to signup & definitely worth it!Vocal Point

The freebies alone are awesome but many, many times when I receive a coupon it is for a free product or a very high value coupon with additional coupons for me to share with my friends!

Majority of the time the freebies will just show up in your mailbox but make sure to use an email address that you check regularly as they will send you emails about new products and promotions. 

I average seeing things show up in my mailbox every 4 – 6 weeks.  What are you waiting for?  Sign-up now!

I just received my one year anniversary email from when I initially signed up and wanted to point the highlight of the email:

And as a reminder, to continue to receive all the fun and exciting gifts in the mail make sure you regularly sign into or read your weekly Vocalpoint email newsletter. This lets us know that you're still interested in hearing from Vocalpoint. Our most active members get VIP treatment including top priority when we send gifts out in the mail.

So, make sure you being active so that VocalPoint will treat you like a VIP and send you lots of cool freebies!


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