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Thursday, February 11, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

One of the best ways to play the drugstore game & shop online is to keep your out of pocket expense at a minimum, right?  It’s always nice when I can pay my OOP with a FREE gift card. 

How do I get my FREE gift cards? 

Reading emails from MyPoints and RewardPort?  Am I serious?  Yep!  Click, Open, Close and earn points.  Simple. 

You can earn points toward gift cards for reading emails, taking surveys, completing offers and much more but I mainly stick to just reading the emails unless I have alot of extra time.

The points add up and once you reach a certain amount you can cash in for a gift card for a variety of things.  I choose Amazon, CVS or Walgreens simply because they are the most beneficial to me but there are many more choices.

I have used MyPoints for years and highly recommend them.  RewardPort is fairly new to me but basically the same thing.  They do not spam you except for the emails you get to read for points. 

You earn around 5 points per email and I average anywhere from 3-6 per day.  Not alot but it adds up.

Plus, right now: Sign up for RewardPort and get 500 FREE points!

Lest I not forget my all time favorite way of earning FREE GIFT CARDS………….SWAGBUCKS

Not sure what SwagBucks is all about?  It’s pretty simple, you earn points for using the SwagBucks search engine which is powered by and  Then you cash the points in for cash or gift cards.

imageBut, searching the web isn’t the only way you can earn points.  There are oodles of other ways which you can learn about on their website to earn extra points. 

I was using MyPoints for many years before I was introduced to Swagbucks and have been absolutely astonished by how easy it is to EARN FREE MONEY with SwagBucks!  Free Gift cards, free cash, free stuff.  We’re talking Absolutely Free!

Tip:  Create a “Reward” email account:
I highly suggest that you make an alternate email address to use for reward companies so that you don’t bog down your main email account.  Make it easy to remember by just adding one word to the front of your main email account like, RewardsCouponMommie @


  1. Julie said...

    LOVE your blog, but I'm not thrilled w/ Swagbucks after waiting for a full 10 business days and still not having my first verified gift card be "delivered."

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