Swagbucks Turning Two = Big Prizes For You

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


If you’re not a member of SwagBucks then you need to join NOW!

Why?  SwagBucks is going to be having a birthday soon!  They will be turning 2 on February 25th and giving away Bonus SwagBucks.

Birthdays are always fun but, what’s totally cool about SwagBucks having a birthday is that YOU will win lots of prizes!

I don’t have all the particulars on what’s going to be taking place during their Birthday event but I will update you as often as I can.

First things first…you NEED to signup in order to be able to win!


Not a member yet? Join now and get 3 Free points for signing up!

What is SwagBucksIt’s pretty simple, Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google.com & Ask.com which randomly awards you points which can be traded in for various prizes including cash and gift cards.  My favorite being the Amazon gift card which helped me pay for my children’s Christmas this year! 

You can win anywhere from 1-5 per day and up to 100 on Mega SwagBucks Friday.  You can also earn points if you refer someone to Swagbucks because when they win, you win!  Win-Win!  Too cool!

Search & Win


  1. Rochele said...

    Yay! So excited to see another local blog, I knew about Coupon Katie and Couponing in Critical Times, but I am not sure that I have ever stumbled across yours. I love the local blogs the best. Thanks for blogging the deals!

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