Happy St. Patricks Day ~ Grab your Karaoke Music

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

imageIrish Karaoke.  Um, yeah.  That’s exactly what I think people want to hear me belt out with my ears plugged up totally tone deaf as I am! 

Well, for those of you who can sing and enjoy Karaoke then you will want this free download of The Karaoke Channel - St. Patricks Day Sampler from Amazon.  It includes 20 Karaoke version songs. 

I’m slowly stepping into the MP3 age and downloading free music is definitely the way to build it up.

There are 1,577 FREE MP3 songs available at Amazon to choose from.  Head on over to browse around.

Plus, right now, you can choose from 100 Albums for just $5.


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