SwagBucks made a deposit to my Christmas Fund

Monday, March 01, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

Do you search the internet using any other search engine besides SwagBucks.com? If so, you’re passing up alot of FREE money!  Checkout my new best friend:  the Amazon e-gift card!

The first of the month means time to make a deposit & add FREE money to my Christmas Fund by cashing in some SwagBucks!  My favorite thing in the Swag Store is the $5 Amazon e-gift cards I get each month.


After I receive the Amazon e-gift codes I add them to my Amazon account and save them up for Christmas.

SwagBucks limits how many gift cards you can request each month I thought I’d drop you a reminder since the limits have been reset.  There are hundreds of gift cards and prizes available to choose from at SwagBucks but I stick with the Amazon gift card.  You can order 5 more of the $5 Amazon.com gift cards.  (This works out to be the best deal instead of the $25 & $50 cards and they spend just the same)

Not sure what SwagBucks is all about?  Checkout this post to learn how to get started with 60 FREE SwagBucks.


  1. Robyn said...

    i have two amazon GC sitting in my swagbucks account, can you walk me through adding them to my amazon account? i understand that SB makes the GC available on the 16th and last of the month, but i've yet to figure out how to redeem them? HELP!

  2. Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com said...

    I have been saving mine to cash in for Amazon GC too!

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