*Update* Kmart $10/$20 coupon is NO longer valid!

Friday, March 19, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


Quoted from The Krazy Coupon Lady:

I am sure this comes as no surprise, but K-mart has pulled the $10/$20 coupon! While I am hearing TONS of different reports, it appears that this coupon was only intended to be used in the New York and Chicago areas.

Too often, Reporting Kmart deals turns into a circus because it’s hard to find someone at their Corporate Office who knows what they are doing and clearly this was a mistake by Kmart, or one of their employees who included “Valid at all Kmart locations” instead of “Valid in New York and Chicago ONLY”.

Sorry to those of you who got accused of using a fraudulent coupon by Kmart employees and managers. This was NOT a fraudulent coupon. Now that they have corrected the coupon to say Only Valid in Chicago and New York, using it in another region would be “fraudulent”- but it was completely legitimate before the correction was made.

Thanks to The Krazy Coupon Lady and Shopping with Cents!

Sorry everyone!


  1. The Ivorywolfe said...

    I really was disappointed in this, but expected it would be pulled fast. That was a really great deal!

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