Upload a Photo for 13 Free SwagBucks

Thursday, March 04, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

More SwagBucks points!  Here’s an easy way to earn 13 – upload a photo to your SwagBucks account.
That’s it. 
Between now and April 1st if you personalize your SwagBucks account with a pic then they will reward you in the first few days of April with 13 bucks!  Read more details here on the SwagBucks blog.
Not using SwagBucks yet?
  • Register at SwagBucks.com and receive 30 SwagBucks.
  • Enter code COUPONMOMMIE1 for an additional 30 SwagBucksThe code is case sensitive!  **
  • Expires March 4th at 9am. 


  1. Rachel said...

    How do you add a picture? I feel like a total nerd, but I just can't figure it out?

  2. Jennifer said...

    I've already added mine and I was able to just click on the grayed out picture on the homepage in the account summary box.

    I just reread their blog post about the photo and this was on there:

    PLEASE NOTE: due to a massive number of people that have uploaded their picture already, we have had to temporarily disable this feature. It will be back in the coming hours/day so please be sure to stop by again soon and load your photo. Keep reading and you'll see that you have plenty of time to earn your bucks for doing it.

    So, keep clicking on the add photo button until it allows you to upload your photo and keep an eye on their blog for updates.

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