Tomorrow is YouData’s Payday…start clicking those ads!

Thursday, May 13, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


Just a reminder that Friday is YouData’s payday so start clicking those ads!  Whether you just have a little bit of change built up or a couple of dollars you should get a deposit to your Paypal account!

What is YouData all about?  It’s a simple website which is all about advertising and paying you for your attention.  You fill out a MeFile at and based on your survey answers you control the ads that you see in your adget each week.  You can get paid to view ads.  Point, click, earn.  That’s it.

How do I earn money?  Once you login to your YouData account a couple of times per week you will have ads to click and view.  It’s pretty simple.  You see the ad.  You click the link.  Once it opens up then you can just close out the window and you’re paid money for “clicking & viewing”.  Pretty simple, right!

Will I get rich?  No, but it is FREE money.  And they DO pay!  And, the cool part is that there is no minimum to get paid.  Each and every Friday you will get a deposit automatically!


  1. MaggieK said...

    Thanks for the info...I am going to check it out

  2. Barbie said...

    Thank you! I signed up tonight and made $2.50 in 4 minutes! I hope you get credit. I think I saw your referral name listed. Blessings!

  3. Amy said...

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I only get like 1-2 ads a week... under 20 cents? Any tips?

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