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Friday, June 04, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer


Do you love getting free stuff and sharing it with your friends?  Host a free party from House Party

Signup for the Febreze Fresh Summer Entertaining House Party scheduled for June 26th. 

Summer is an exciting time — the weather is refreshing, the weekends are eventful, and you never know when your friends will drop by! Host a Febreze Summer Entertaining House Party and let TV personality, cook and author, Sandra Lee, teach you how to keep your home noticeably fresh so you're always ready for some spontaneous fun!

If selected to host, you'll invite your girlfriends over on June 26th for a crash course on summer entertaining. Sandra Lee will share her best home entertaining secrets in a fun video format — from delicious recipes made from simple ingredients, to exclusive tips on how to entertain. One lucky hostess will even be chosen to have Sandra Lee attend their party!

If selected as a host, you'll receive a FREE party pack:

  • 1 -Febreze Set & Refresh Branded apron
  • 1- Febreze Set & Refresh cocktail napkins (Pack of 50)
  • 15 - Febreze Set & Refresh product samples
  • 15 - Sandra Lee and Entertaining Tip Cards
  • 15- Febreze Home Collection product samples
  • 15 - Febreze Coupons and Information

What is House Party all about?  Word of mouth!  House Party sends you lots of free stuff (for you & your friends) so that you and your friends can have a party!  It’s a great marketing technique for companies to let their customers do their advertising for them. 

What do I have to do if I’m picked?  All that they ask in return is that you have an awesome party and upload pictures of it to the House Party website.  You and your guests will also be asked to answer a couple of survey questions to provide to the company who sponsored your party.  That’s it!

I’ll try to keep you updated on the latest House Parties as they become available to apply for.  In the meantime, go here to see previous House Parties that I mentioned or checkout the House Party website.


  1. Anonymous said...

    If you go to the site, this is what you really get:
    Inside your FREE party pack, you’ll find:

    1 - Febreze Set & Refresh Branded apron
    2 - Home Collection Room Spray (Pomegranate Mango)
    5 - Home Collection Flameless Luminaire Starter Kit (Pomegranate Mango)
    8 - Febreze Set & Refresh Starter Kits (Hawaiian Aloha)
    8 - Febreze Set & Refresh Starter Kits (Linen & Sky)
    10 - Home Collection Scented Reed Diffusers (Pomegranate Mango)
    18 - Home Collection Flameless Luminaire Refills (Pomegranate Mango)
    20 - Sandra Lee and Entertaining Tip Cards
    20 - Febreze Home Collection product samples
    20 - Febreze Set & Refresh Branded Cocktail Napkins
    180 – Febreze Set & Refresh Coupons

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